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We are building a movement. Speaking to young Canadians across the country, we have heard how worried they are about Canada’s future. Future Majority’s goal is to make the issues that young Canadians care about, such as climate change and the cost of living, urgent matters that can no longer be ignored. We aim to organize and unite youth voices across the country and elect leaders who will stand up for our well-being.

As a group of young Canadians, we formed Future Majority to address the growing disconnect young Canadians feel from the country's current politics and politicians. For the first time in generations, young Canadians make up the largest voting group in Canada. This means we have power. We have the power to shape the future of Canada and demand action on issues impacting our generation. 

Our goal is to thrust youth to the forefront of the political conversation happening in our country. As we become mobilized, politicians will take notice. The best way to do this is to inspire young people to organize and vote in the places that really matter to politicians.


Our Story


Theory of Change

Future Majority’s mission is to amplify the concerns of young Canadians so that EVERY candidate, politician, and political party is an advocate for youth priorities. Our strategic focus is to dramatically expand our capacity to set the agenda in the next Federal election.


720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario

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