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We amplify and organize around the priorities of Canada's most powerful voting bloc — young people.

Future Majority is Canada's trusted platform, giving voice to the political priorities of the most formidable and disregarded voting bloc in history —people in their 20's and 30's. Young Canadians are passionately concerned about critical issues that will impact the future of our country and world:

  • Climate crisis

  • Green jobs

  • Affordable housing 

  • Accessible education

  • Gender inequality

  • Racial justice

  • Mental health

We are on a mission to unleash the power of Canadian youth — turning concerned citizens into active change agents. Through face-to-face activism, relational organizing and thought leadership, we are helping a new generation of Canadians realize their potential to shape our political reality, and build a future that works better for all.

Powered by young Canadians fighting for our future

We are the authority on young Canadians' priorities — we are built by young Canadians, for young Canadians.

Recent Projects

The work we do every day is shaping the public conversation, and strengthening Canadian politics to reflect the priorities of young voters.

You can also check out our past projects here.

Recent Projects
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Youth Perspectives

Nationwide effort to survey young people and understand their priorities and key issues.

Green Development Standards

Our chance to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Mississauga.

Our Theory of Change: Create a New Cycle

How it's always been:

Historically, young people have made up a fraction of the electorate. Candidates for elected office rarely seek out young voters and when they do come knocking, their platforms and policies seldom speak to young people’s concerns. As a result, fewer young people vote compared to older generations, and politicians continue to deprioritize young people and their concerns. This negative feedback loop keeps young Canadians discouraged and apathetic.

Our roadmap for change:

Our work breaks through the toxic negative feedback loop, demanding that politicians, leaders, candidates, and policies prioritize and reflect the concerns of young Canadians. As we break the toxic negative feedback loop, millions of young Canadians will enter the democratic process.

Data Approach

How We Take Action

Face-to-Face Organizing

The most effective way to mobilize young people is through face-to-face conversations with their peers. Our activists and organizers facilitate conversations that relate the importance of voting to the everyday issues that matter to Canadian youth.

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Relational Organizing

We train our organizers to engage with their friends, classmates and colleagues about key political issues and the importance of voting - this is one of the most effective tactics in mobilizing unlikely voters.

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Setting the Agenda

We interface with local and national platforms to raise awareness of and shape the political narrative around key youth issues.


Community Mobilization

We mobilize on the ground to build grassroots power and drive action — when and where young voices are needed.


Breaking through the status quo in Canadian politics, so voters are empowered, informed, and in control — and our democracy reflects the will of the people.

We are proud to be a part of the Supermajority incubator.

Supermajority incubates organizations and strategies that fight political polarization, engage swing voters in swing ridings, and create new media and content strategies.

Our Funders

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