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Priced out: Young professionals making $60,000 — even $120,000 — say they can no longer afford Toronto and will likely have to leave

Toronto Star

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COP26 Summit Begins Tomorrow

CTV News


Lowering the voting age to 16 could save our democracy and shape Justin Trudeau’s legacy

Toronto Star


Voters Have Something to Say to Our Next Government and Local MP

Toronto Star


What Did Youth Get Out of the 2021 Election? That Our Leaders Need to Work Together 

National Observer 

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Youth Advocacy Group Encourages Young Canadians to Vote 

Global News 

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What Do You Need to Bring to a Polling Station to Vote in the Federal Election?

CTV News


This Election Should Be About the Climate Crisis — But It's Not

 National Observer

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The Importance of the Youth Vote. Future Majority Responds. 

CTV News 


Elections Canada's Cancellation of Vote-on-Campus Program Fails Canadian Democracy

Globe and Mail 


Elections Canada Move to Scrap Campus Voting 'Damaging to our Democracy,' Toronto-Based Group Says



The Media Cannot Let a Few Hundred Anti-Vaxxers Drown Out Millions of Climate Voters

Toronto Star 

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Elections Canada Says University Students Can't Cast a Ballot On Campus Due to the Pandemic. Future Majority Reacts.


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Here's How to Win the Youth Vote (It's Not What Parties Think)

Toronto Star 

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Youth Voters Share Big Priorities for 2021 Election


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Federal Election Called For Sept. 20. Future Majority Reacts.

CTV News

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Election 2021 is Here - And young people are paying attention

National Observer
By: Morgan Sharp

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Federal Election Expected to be Called. Future Majority Reacts.

CTV News 


Future Majority pushes to influence post-pandemic policy

National Observer
By: Alastair Sharp

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Nearly 1 In 3 Young Voters Say They’d Vote For Any Party: Report

Huffington Post
By: Sima Shakeri


Millennials and Gen Z are the biggest voting bloc in this election. One group is determined to get them out to vote

Toronto Star
By: Sahar Fatima

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A new grassroots movement is striving to get millennials to vote on a scale never seen before

Huffington Post
By: Samantha Beattie

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Future Majority campaigning for youth to vote in upcoming federal election
Social Sharing

By: Angela Gemmill

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Future Majority’s app shows riding by riding how Gen-Z and Millennials can affect the Canadian election.

Vice News
By: Steven Zhou

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'So much power': 18-37 year-olds make up largest voting bloc in 2019 election, group says

CTV News
By: Beth MacDonell