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Make a difference
in 15 minutes

Table Talks is a program helping high school students and their communities agree on solutions for the climate, affordability, and mental health issues by setting clear goals.

We offer volunteer hours!


Build Power in Your Community


Quick activities that educate you and your family on the challenges your generation faces when it comes to climate change, the economy, mental health, & more.


Career Skills

Our trainings teach you how to communicate peacefully, get your point across even when you may not agree, and plan next steps to face the coming challenges together.


Become a Leader

Sign-up to be a student ambassador to get involved with real organizing in your community. Help us get the word out!


In 2022, a young person faces many challenges: COVID, climate change, affordability, mental health - the list goes on.

We can't wait any longer: it's time to organize the adults in our communities. Their decisions shape the world that we’re growing up into. To secure a healthy future for Gen Z we need everyone to understand our challenges and become advocates for our needs with their wallet and their vote.

Studies show that teens can be super effective when it comes to educating their parents. But actually talking with your parents about this stuff is not always easy.

We are developing activities that give us a way to get on the same page without starting a fight.

Our Biggest Challenges

15 minute activity with a parent to identify the biggest challenges facing Gen Z.

Goal: Make a plan!

Worth Volunteer Hours!

Lead Community Dialogue

Cover as many topics together with your parents and continue opening dialogue with other adults in your community. The more students that are involved, the greater the impact.

Goal: Spread the word and grow the movement.

More Fun Activities

Keep the conversation going with quizzes, games, and other activities.

Goal: Be heard and connect with other students.

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