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Past Projects

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2021 Deep Canvassing Phonebank Campaign


16 young TMU students learned an amazing new skill, deep canvassing. They used this tactic to have heartfelt, personal conversations with members of the public to understand their concerns about climate change and move them to a deeper belief in the importance of climate action.

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2021 federal Election campaign


More than 100 volunteers organized house parties to mobilize their peers to vote, relationally organized their networks to get out the vote, and canvassed in their communities.

Canvassers and phonebankers made thousands of vote plans with young Canadians, and leveraged vote tripling to get thousands more relationally reminded to vote!

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2021 Summer Campaign


14 volunteer teams built community power in preparation for the federal election, met with politicians to ask them to submit videos for Votetube.


2021 Mental Health Campaign


21 volunteer teams across 3 provinces, met with more than 50 politicians to advocate for increased access to mental health care.


Green and Just Recovery Town-halls




2019 Election Campaign



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