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Future Majority is entering a strategic partnership hosted at the Ryerson Leadership Lab

Young people in Canada are now the largest voting bloc. This means that we have power. With this power comes the opportunity to build a better future, especially for young people. In order to create change, we recognize the importance of working with innovative organizations that understand this urgency.

Today we are announcing an exciting new partnership between Future Majority, and the Ryerson Leadership Lab, an action-oriented think-tank, at Ryerson University.

Our organizations share many of the same values and believe in the power of young people in building a better future. The issues young people care about - climate change, mental health, and affordability, among others - are issues that can no longer be ignored by the leaders of our country. Together, Future Majority and the Ryerson Leadership Lab will help to develop the ideas and the networks in young people, to help them make change.

Future Majority will continue our organizing work in communities across Canada. The Ryerson Leadership Lab will help develop policy ideas and provide strong, evidence-informed ideas to help develop effective campaigns. Students and change-makers associated with Future Majority and the Ryerson Leadership Lab will learn how to best organize in their communities around the issues young people face.

You can now support Future Majority by making a tax-deductible donation to Ryerson University, (directed to Future Majority), at this link.

We’re so excited to get to work together to build a better future. Join us by following: Ryerson Leadership Lab on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and Future Majority on Twitter, Instagram and signing up for their mailing list.

Yours truly,

The Future Majority Team

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