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Take Action: Join the Future Majority Movement

Drop your information into the form here to stay in touch with Future Majority. You'll receive email updates and opportunities to get involved!

Help amplify youth voices and priorities

Support more mobilization efforts

Future-proof Canadian politics

Canada's future needs funding today.

Young Canadians make up 40% of eligible voters today, but less than half of them vote. We engage and mobilize the nation's biggest voting bloc to drive serious action on issues like climate crisis, access to mental health services and a more affordable Canada.

Politicians need to hear the voices of Canadian youth — so priorities like climate change, affordability, mental health, and racial justice are reflected in politics and policy.


Your tax-deductible donation will help enable the smart, passionate, strategic youth of our country to play a leading role in enacting positive change on issues impacting this generation.


With a donation of $50 or more, you'll join our community of "Future Funders". We will also send you bi-annual reports highlighting our progress and impact.

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